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Summer Employment

 Be a role model... Work hard...Make a difference...Have fun...






You are on the path to having one of the greatest summers of your life!

We are excited and pleased to unveil the 2013 summer opportunities.​ These opportunities combine the best of the "old" with new and exciting opportunities that utilize and showcase the resources of Girl Scouts of Western Ohio to their fullest extent.

Staff hired to work at Camp Whip Poor Will/Butterworth/Libbey will work as one team, spending time at Camp Whip Poor Will in Morrow, Oh, as well as Camp Libbey in Defiance, OH. Additionally some staff will work at the day camp at Camp Butterworth in Maineville, OH.
Staff hired to work at Camp Stonybrook will be located at Camp Stonybrook in Waynesville, OH.
Click here to view job listings. 
Spend 8 ½ -10 weeks of your summer working at camp! This is bound to be the best job you’ve ever had and the hardest work you’ll ever love! Girls come to our camps from all walks of life and find themselves in a caring nurturing environment where they get to make friends, try new things while creating lasting memories. Wouldn’t you love to be part of the difference made in a girl’s life?

Here are a few benefits of working at  Girl Scout summer camp:
  • Training – you’ll learn the tools you need to be successful at our 10 day training
  • Salary range is between $2,000 – $5,000 Click here to see descriptions.
  • Time off! (depending on camp you get one night off a week and 24-36 hours on the weekend)
  • Friends – imagine making life long friendships in just 2 ½ months
  • Experience – how good will this look on your resume?
Working at a Girl Scout Camp is a rewarding experience that will give you skills and memories to last a lifetime. 
If you are interested in learning more about working at Girl Scout camp, contact:
Esther Cox - Camp Whip Poor Will/Libbey
Vicki Proctor- Camp Stonybrook
Once you apply - you'll need to submit 3 references from people NOT related to you.  Go ahead and start this process now!  The sooner your references get in - the sooner we can contact you for an interview!

Download the reference form here. - Word


Forms that you will need to work at camp