Volunteer Management

Volunteer management is a system designed to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for diverse adults in which their needs and interests can be matched to specific Girl Scout volunteer positions. In addition, a volunteer development system values the contributions of each individual volunteer while helping her/him to realize the extent of her/his interests, skills, competencies, and knowledge. We recognize that by enriching our volunteers’ experience in Girl Scouting, we enrich girls’ experience. A consistent, efficient volunteer development system will strengthen our continuing efforts in making this happen.

Components of Volunteer Management 
The comprehensive Girl Scout volunteer management system ensures that you are matched with the right opportunities, are provided efficient and effective learning and support, and are recognized for the valuable service you provide on behalf of girls.  Below are the eight components of this volunteer support system:

Volunteer Position Descriptions
Each appointed volunteer position will have a written position description that defines the specific responsibilities, states period of appointment, and clarifies expectations. The position description is also used as a support and evaluation tool for volunteers. Go to the website to see a brief summary of all appointed volunteer position descriptions.

Volunteer Recruitment 
Girl Scouts of Western Ohio makes every effort to ensure the Girl Scout Movement continues to move forward; that all members have an equal opportunity to participate and to assure appropriate adult leadership is available for the girl members. Girl Scouts of Western Ohio focuses on recruiting and retaining membership that is reflective of the diversity of the communities it serves from a variety of sources and through different participation pathways.

Placement: Screening, Selection, and Appointment Notification 
Effective screening of prospective volunteers allows candidates to be matched with the position that best meets their skills, interests, and schedule. The screening process begins with the submission of a completed volunteer application, reference check, criminal background check, application assessment, volunteer placement decision and volunteer appointment notification. Position appointments are generally for one year or less.

Adult learning opportunities should provide all adult volunteers with consistent information about the Girl Scout Leadership Experience and with training for her/his specific volunteer position, using flexible and convenient adult learning opportunities including online learning.

Volunteer Support, Management, and Coaching
It is the responsibility of the council to ensure that volunteers have access to a network of support and learning experiences that enable them to deliver the Girl Scout Leadership Experience with girls. This support is provided using a variety of methods including through service unit volunteers and paid staff, volunteer mentors and/or trainers, service unit activities, council electronic and written communication, and program or customer service tools and resources.

Recognition is a form of appreciation for volunteer efforts. It includes providing annual formal recognition through council and service unit awards and recognition events, but equally important are daily support and informal expressions of appreciation.

Volunteer Input
Volunteer feedback is solicited through input on plans, supports, and services provided within the service unit and throughout the council. Having the opportunity to participate in planning encourages greater ownership and ensures that the services provided are the most meaningful. Volunteers, parents, and girls also have the opportunity to "have voice" within the council through participation in service delivery and program evaluation.

Evaluation and Re-Appointment 
Volunteers have the opportunity to evaluate their performance through various troop or self assessment tools or through evaluation discussions with their manager. The decision to reappoint a volunteer is made after reviewing the volunteer’s interests, skills, training, and performance. The decision is provided in writing and documented in volunteers file.