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Volunteer Management Policies and Procedures

Girl Scouts of Western Ohio is inclusive. We respect, value, embrace, and celebrate differences. Girl Scouts of Western Ohio welcomes girls from every race, ethnic, religious, and socio-economic group as well as those with mental and physical disabilities, to participate in Girl Scouting.

Equal Opportunity Volunteer Policy
Each volunteer is selected on the basis of ability to perform the volunteer position, volunteer and council need, ability and willingness to attend training, and qualifications for membership in the Girl Scout Movement. There shall be no discrimination against an otherwise qualified adult volunteer by reason of disability, age, race, color, ethnicity, sex, creed, national origin, religion, citizenship, ancestry, marital status, veteran status, socioeconomic status, or other characteristics protected by federal, state, or local law. 

Upon placement, volunteers will be provided with information on training and volunteer support through the community and council. 

Appointment/Re-appointment Criteria
    • Girl Scout membership registration ($15)
    • Acceptance and support for the Girl Scout Promise and Law
    • Volunteer Application
    • Two Positive References
    • Approved Criminal Background Check
    • Compliance with training policy
    • Submission of a Troop/Group Financial  Report and matching bank statement 
    • Agreement to fulfill the responsibilities of the position
    • Satisfactory performance, when applicable
    • Appointments are typically for 1 year

Girl Scouts of Western Ohio requests this information from volunteers because of our dedication and commitment to the girls that we serve. The safety of the girls is of the utmost importance to our organization so we must take reasonable precautions when appointing adults who work directly with children. This information is confidential and for internal use only.

Appointment Process
  1. Volunteer discusses position with service team  volunteer or paid staff to determine is the best match
  2. Volunteer submits an online Volunteer Application, including providing the names and contact information of four, non-related references (a paper application can also be requested)
  3. Criminal background check is submitted online at www.girlscoutsofwesternohio.org (a paper background check can also be requested)
  4. Volunteer references are emailed
  5. Volunteer application, references and background check are reviewed
  6. Volunteer receives official notification of appointment (Welcome Letter) that includes information about service team volunteer support in their community
  7. Volunteer is contacted by service team volunteer or paid staff to introduce her/him to service unit and/or support available
In instances when an individual is not appointed, the judgment of the council based on established criteria, will take precedence. Individuals not placed in a position for which they applied may be considered for other positions at their request. The council reserves the right to decline appointment approval if information received through the screening process indicates qualifications are not suitable for the position.

Reappointment Policy
Girl Scouts of Western Ohio may reappoint a volunteer based on the successful completion of position accountabilities, established goals and meeting the overall criteria for appointment/ reappointment.

Reappointment Process
Volunteers will participate in ongoing feedback and two-way communication with her/his manager  or committee chair based on position accountabilities,  goals and dqualifications.
At the end of the appointment period, the volunteer and manager will evaluate job performance together, as well as expectations and suggested changes to the position. 
Should the volunteer meet the criteria for reappointment and desire to continue in her/his volunteer position she/he will receive written documentation or an email  of his/her reappointment.
Paid staff will evaluate position performance and reappoint core service team volunteers. Service unit chairs will support self-evaluation of the troop leader. Once confirmation has been received from the service unit chair, that the troop leader meets the criteria for reappointment, the volunteer will receive a letter or email notifying him/her of reappointment.
The council reserves the right to decline to reappoint a volunteer if in judgment of the CEO or her designee the volunteer is not suitable for the position.

Girl Scout Membership Registration
All appointed volunteers, including drivers, anyone managing finances, or that could be responsible for the care and custody of girls,  must become Girl Scout members and agree to accept the Girl Scout Promise and Law. The registration fee for national dues is currently $15 per participant. The $15 registration fee covers membership in Girl Scouts of the USA for the year of October 1 through September 30. All membership fees received locally are transferred to Girl Scouts of the USA. The membership fee  supports a variety of services including development of national level program information, national safety standards and secondary insurance coverage for every member for the program year. Membership dues are not refundable or transferable to another person.

Criminal Background Checks
Girl Scouts of Western Ohio is committed to providing a safe and quality program for girls in the community as they participate in the Girl Scout Leadership Exerpeince. In order to continue safeguarding all girls in our care, our council will conduct criminal background checks for all appointed volunteers. Girl Scouts of Western Ohio reserves the right to require a new background check for volunteers at anytime. If a volunteer has been inactive for a full membership year, she/he must complete a background check before being appointed.
The criminal background check is a component of Girl Scouts of Western Ohio’s volunteer placement procedure. The background check conducted by IntelliCorp Records Inc., includes social security number verification, address verification, criminal record searches of convictions, arrests, court records, inmate records, and nationwide sex offender registries. Girl Scouts of WEstern Ohio will not accept or pay for results from another criminal records provider at this time.
In accordance to FCRA (Federal Credit Reporting Agency) guidelines, the applicant must be provided with notification that the organization that has requested this action has received their results, if there are any criminal records found during the search. Our provider, IntelliCorp Records Inc., will send this notification directly to the applicant if this situation applies.

Girl Scout Leadership Requirements
Volunteers in leadership positions must be at least 18 years of age, registered as an adult member and have completed and been approved through the volunteer application and screening process. Each group must have at least one adult leader and one or more co-leaders. Because the female role model is essential to fulfilling the purpose of Girl Scouting, at least one member of the leadership team must be an adult female. During all troop meetings and related small-group activities, the leader, the co-leader or other responsible, approved, adult designated by the leader or Girl Scouts of Western Ohio is present, and at least one of these must be an adult female not related to the other adults.