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Volunteer Management Policies and Procedures

Equal Opportunity Volunteer Policy

Each volunteer is selected on the basis of ability to perform the volunteer position, council need, willingness to attend training, and volunteer commitment to requirements of membership in the Girl Scout Movement. There shall be no discrimination against an otherwise qualified adult volunteer by reason of disability, age, race, color, ethnicity, sex, creed, national origin, religion, citizenship, ancestry, marital status, veteran status, socioeconomic status, or other characteristics protected by federal, state, or local law.

Volunteer Position Descriptions
Each volunteer position will have a written position summary that defines the specific requirements and responsibilities, states period of appointment, and clarifies expectations. 
Volunteer Recruitment
Girl Scouts of Western Ohio makes every effort to ensure that the community is provided with information and a variety of activities that help move all potential volunteers from awareness to understanding to consideration of Girl Scouts. Girl Scouts of Western Ohio focuses on recruiting and renewing membership that is reflective of the diversity of the communities it serves.
Volunteer Placement: Screening, Selection, Appointment Overview
The online volunteer application, screening and placement process enables volunteers to move from interest to placement in five to seven days.  The screening process begins with completing the application, selection of a position, criminal background check, viewing of an introductory video (starting December 2014) and volunteer placemant notification. Operational volunteers are appointed for a term not to exceed one year. Every attempt will be made to place volunteers in positions that meet their needs, the needs of the community and the needs of the council.
In instances where appointment is not possible, the judgment of the council will take precedence. Individuals not placed in a position for which they applied may be considered for other positions at their request. The council reserves the right to decline appointment approval if information received through the screening process indicates qualifications are not suitable for the position.
Girl Scouts of Western Ohio may reappoint a volunteer based on the successful completion of position accountabilities, established goals and meeting the overall criteria for appointment/ reappointment
ALL volunteers are required to complete the training that prepares them for their role in Girl Scouting, including the online orientation (available December 2014),  Girl Scout Fundamentals, and the appropriate Grade-Level Leadership Essentials/Position Training
Appointment Process
In many cases, including for troop/series leader and other troop positions, if the applicant meets the requirements of the position and successfully completes the background check, she or he will be automatically placed in the selected, available position. 
For selected leadership positions, including service team chairs, day camp director and administrative staff and other key volunteer administrative or program positions, a more individual selection and appointment process is required:
  • Volunteer discusses position with administrative volunteer staff or paid staff to determine if it is the best match
  • Volunteer submits an online Volunteer Application and Criminal background check (if needed)
  • Volunteer receives official notification of appointment (Welcome Letter) from the regional Girl Scout center that includes information about administrative volunteer support in their community.
Reappointment Process
In many cases, including for troop/series leader and other troop positions, if the applicant meets the requirements of the position and has successfully completed her/ his previous year in the position, she or he will be automatically re-appointed in the position, if it is selected as a part of the annual membership renewal process.
For selected leadership positions, including service team chairs, day camp director and administrative staff and other key volunteer administrative or program positions, a more individual selection and appointment process is required:
  • Volunteers will participate in ongoing feedback with her/his manager throughout the appointment period based on agreed upon position responsibilities.
  • At the end of the appointment period, the volunteer and paid staff member will evaluate together job expectations and suggested changes to the position. 
  • Should the volunteer meet the criteria for reappointment and desire to continue in her/his volunteer position she/he will receive written documentation of her reappointment.
  • The council reserves the right to decline to reappoint a volunteer if in judgment of the Director of Regional Services the volunteer is not suitable for the position.
Girl Scout Membership Registration
All appointed volunteers, including drivers, anyone managing finances, or that could be responsible for the care and custody of girls,  must become Girl Scout members and agree to accept the Girl Scout Promise and Law. The registration fee for national dues is currently $15 per participant. The $15 registration fee covers membership in Girl Scouts of the USA for the year of October 1 through September 30. All membership fees received locally are transferred to Girl Scouts of the USA. The membership fee  supports a variety of services including development of national level program information, national safety standards and secondary insurance coverage for every member for the program year. Membership dues are not refundable or transferable to another person.
Criminal Background Checks
Girl Scouts of Western Ohio is committed to providing a safe and quality program for girls in the community as they participate in the Girl Scout Leadership Exerpeince. In order to continue safeguarding all girls in our care, our council will conduct criminal background checks for all appointed volunteers. Girl Scouts of Western Ohio reserves the right to require a new background check for volunteers at anytime. If a volunteer has been inactive for a full membership year, she/he must complete a background check before being appointed.
The criminal background check is a component of Girl Scouts of Western Ohio’s volunteer placement procedure. The background check includes social security number verification, address verification, criminal record searches of convictions, arrests, court records, inmate records, and nationwide sex offender registries. Girl Scouts of WEstern Ohio will not accept or pay for results from another criminal records provider at this time.
In accordance to FCRA (Federal Credit Reporting Agency) guidelines, the applicant must be provided with notification that the organization that has requested this action has received their results, if there are any criminal records found during the search. Our provider, IntelliCorp Records Inc., will send this notification directly to the applicant if this situation applies.
Training and other enrichment opportunities are offered in Girl Scouting to prepare volunteers to work effectively with girls. It also supports the achievement of the Girl Scout Mission and Council Goals.
All appointed volunteers in Girl Scouts of Western Ohio are required to complete training for the position accepted within three months of appointment.  It is highly recommended to complete training within the first three months of appointment.  These include:
  • Online orientation provided as a component of the application process (available after December 2014)
  • Girl Scout Fundamentals
  • Position Training for the appropriate volunteer position (Grade level Leadership Essentials for leaders, position training for service team volunteers, etc…)
    First Aid – At least one first aid/CPR certified adult is required
All new leaders will receive the new leader packet , initial “mentoring” from the recruiter and access to a service unit (GSLE) mentor and/or service unit support.
K-5 troop leaders will have access to the online Volunteer Tool Kit, with resources and planning and communication tools that have been customized to provide program support for their troop. 
Volunteer Support, Management And Coaching Overview
Volunteers are provided with mentoring and coaching through a variety of flexible methods:
  • Service Unit Orientation
  • New Volunteer Mentor
  • Training and Program Consultants
  • Service Unit Buzz (Discussion) Groups
  • Service Unit Team and paid staff support for problem solving
  • Paid staff will provide coaching and support to service unit team members

Girl Scouts of Western Ohio recognizes its volunteers as its most valuable asset. The purpose of recognition is to facilitate, acknowledge, credit or celebrate the achievements of volunteers. Awards are available to recognize an individual’s contributions to Girl Scouts both from Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. and Girl Scouts of Western Ohio.