Risk Management

Risk Management for Community Program Providers
Some activities can carry a greater risk than others which create a greater potential for serious injury to the participant.  Therefore, it is important that these activities be conducted with companies or organizations that offer such activities in a safe manner.  Horseback riding, hayrides, and canoeing are examples of hazardous activities with the potential for serious injury to the participants.

Girl Scouts of Western Ohio will only do business with those organizations that operate within government and Girl Scout safety guidelines and that carry insurance to protect themselves for the legal liability of their operations.  Coverage provided by the program provider must be the primary payer in the event of a loss.  

Certificate of Insurance
When obtaining a location for a meeting place, service unit event or troop event, some sites will request a certificate of insurance. This is just a copy of our council insurance coverage and can be provided by the Girl Scout office. A Certificate of Insurance can be requested through the Girl Scout Administrative Office. Please allow two weeks to process this request.
To obtain a certificate, visit www.girlscoutsofwesternohio.org to submit online, email to insurance@girlscoutsofwesternohio.org, or call the Girl Scout Administrative Office with the following information:
  • Name of Facility. 
  • Physical and mailing address (if different).
  • Date and type of activity.
  • Facility e-mail address, phone # & fax #.
  • Contact information of person requesting the certificate.
Certificates of insurance can be mailed out directly to the location within two weeks of your call or request. 

Contracts and Agreements
In order to protect the legal and safety interests of girls, volunteers and the council, written agreements and contracts, may only be signed by the director of regional services or other designated paid staff members.  

Hold Harmless Agreements
If a program provider or other organization requires the signing of a Hold Harmless Agreement, a copy of it will be requested and reviewed by one or more of the following: program services manager, director of regional services, or director of program services.  

Council Right to Search
The council reserves the right to:
  • Search any person, vehicle or object that enters or leaves council property.
  • Search anything on council property including lockers, desks, purses, briefcases, baggage, lunch sacks, clothing, and any other item in which firearms, weapons, illegal drugs, and alcohol have the potential to be hidden.  
  • Search company vehicles owned or leased by the council.