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Giving Input to Governance and Management Issues

Volunteers have the opportunity and responsibility to provide input within the council’s governance and management system. Our democratic values hold that members should have a voice in influencing major decisions. Individuals should be well informed on the council’s mission, vision, and goals in order to identify and/or discuss issues and needs that exist, and to be able to give sound input to the governance and management of the council. Providing input and influencing decisions is not limited to voting.  While this does not mean that every member of the council can vote on everything or make final decisions about policy, it does mean that members will be well informed about major issues affecting the council.

  • Ensuring the mission and values of Girl Scouting. 
  • Providing strategic direction and leadership for the council.
  • The care, custody, and oversight of Girl Scouting within the council’s jurisdiction. 
  • The responsibility of the board of directors.
Girl Scouts of Western Ohio’s governance process:
Provides a structure for communication between the membership and the board of directors to influence policy regarding the council goals, issues affecting girls and issues affecting the business of the organization.

  • The day-to-day management/ operations of the council.
  • Developing and implementing systems and processes to carry out the strategic direction as set by the board.
  • Management is the responsibility of the chief executive officer.
Girl Scouts of Western Ohio’s management process:

Provides a structure for communication between volunteers and paid staff. Provides a process for volunteer staff to support and give input to the day-to-day management and operations of our council to provide girls with a leadership experience that achieves our mission and goals.