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Criteria for Communication of Issues

In a continuing effort to improve communication, the following criteria has been developed to be used by the membership in determining how to bring issues forward for discussion and/or action. 


A governance issue reflects the following criteria:

  • It impacts the Council Strategic Plan/Council Goals (for example, a request to strengthen the wording on the goal that addresses girls’ understanding themselves and their values).
  • It is a documented trend broadly affecting girls (for example, national and local data about increased bullying among girls).
  • It can be positive, negative or neutral.
  • It significantly affects the business of the organization (for example, merging with another council).
  • The board is the primary group responsible for identification of governance issues to be discussed. Such issues are generally related to the development or evaluation of progress toward the Council Goals/Council Strategic Plan.
  • A governance issue may be presented in written form at any time, or oral form through established forums at the annual meeting. Governance issues may not be addressed by phone.
  • At all times, bylaw requirements will be followed.
Management issues focus on  input, recommendations, or changes in an operating policy or procedure. This could include input on training curriculum,  training policies, program opportunities, camp maintenance or safety standards. Giving input on management issues includes the following considerations:
  • What is the issue to be addressed? Why does it need to be addressed? What is the desired outcome? Will the issue affect the overall council – all girls? Is this a safety issue? Is it an issue that we have the authority to change?
  • What methods will be used to provide input? Methods may include roundtable meetings, evaluations and surveys, voice mail, email, council website, letters and phone calls.
  • Who can best respond to the issue? Should it go to the service unit chair? The community engagement manager?
  • What type of response can I expect? If an issue is addressed by phone, a call back can be expected within 24 hours (excluding office closure dates). If the issue is addressed by written correspondence, you will receive a written response within seven working days.
  • If you believe that you have not been given an appropriate response, your issue or recommendation may be directed to the director of regional services.

Volunteer feedback and ideas for improving council processes is always welcome. For problem solving steps, see Volunteer Management Policies and Procedures.