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Girl Scout Program - What Girls Do!

The Girl Scout program—what girls do in Girl Scouting—offers incredible opportunities for girls to grow in their leadership skills, develop lifelong friendships, and earn awards along each step of their leadership Journeys, no matter what their grade levels, experiences with Girl Scouting, or background.
The Girl Scout program is centered around the Girl Scout Leadership Experience , and the Journeys are a great way to deliver the Girl Scout Leadership Experience to girls is through Journeys—powerful, fun, and exciting books and awards that are the core of the Girl Scout program. Each Journey offers opportunities to earn awards. At the Junior grade level and above, girls have an opportunity to earn the highest awards in Girl Scouting: the Girl Scout Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards. Of course, earning and collecting a variety of badges, patches, and pins is also an important Girl Scout tradition that lives on, because doing so encourages girls to learn and demonstrate important skills. A variety of badge activities, found in the Girls Guide to Girl Scouting,  allow girls to focus on particular interest areas, like financial literacy, healthy living, science and technology, and outdoors and the environment. And Girl Scout ceremonies and songs continue to link girls with not only with their Girl Scout peers today but also with the many Girl Scouts who came before them. This chapter shares details on each of these exciting elements of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.