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 Service Unit Data Coordinator

 Thank you for supporting and tracking Girl Scout membership registration in your service unit. As the registrar you play a critical role in ensuring that all Girl Scout girls and volunteers are registered for the current Girl Scout Membership Year.  Girls and volunteers in your service must be registered before participating in any Girl Scout activities.

As the registrar, the information you maintain on registered members helps service team members connect with new and returning Girl Scout girls and adults in your service unit – this will ensure the members receive valuable service unit communication and support.

Helpful Information in your Role
Service Unit Registrar Manual
Refer to this easy to use guide for information about your position, including detailed instructions on how to complete key forms, a registration calendar and job description.  Click here to open a copy of this manual.
eBiz Online Registration Process
As the registrar, you play an important role in supporting troop participation in eBiz online re-registration. Not only does eBiz help us to reduce paper, but it also allows us to have the most up to date information on our membership.  Your role is to ensure Girl Scout leaders understand the benefits of eBiz and prepare them to use it with their troops /groups.
Become familiar with the online re-registration process through the eBiz training videos found on the council website and additional eBiz training handouts.  We have also created an eBiz Quick Reference Guide that you can use with troop leaders.   Click here to open a copy of this guide.


Membership Campaigns
As the registrar, it’s also important that you have the most up to date information on all of our Membership Campaigns, so you can communicate start and end times for each campaign.  Check back often, we will include the most recent information here. 


Our next campaign information will be on 2014 Early Bird - this campaign will run April 1 - July 1, 2013. Please refer to the 2014 Early Bird Membership Campaign Brochure  or click on our Early Bird webpage for more informaiton about the 2014 campaign.
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