January 2013

​Progressing Girls Through Outdoor Opportunities
Being outdoors can be a new and exciting experience for a lot of girls (and leaders!). Girl Scouts has a long tradition of enjoying, learning about and advocating for the outdoors. There are many ways to help girls increase their appreciation for outdoor activities, but like anything, girls must be allowed to experience it at their own pace. Some girls are ready for overnights at camp at a very young age, but others require a little more time to ease in and feel comfortable. If progressed properly, every girl should be able to love the outdoors and find an opportunity that suits her.
The first step to get girls excited about outdoor learning is to get them outside! You do not need to be an outdoors person yourself, you can explore with your girls! Include in your troop meeting a quick outdoor activity or, weather permitting, have the whole meeting outdoors. Even if you live in a city setting, find a local park or playground with green space.
To further develop girls’ interest in the outdoors, the Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting has outdoor badges and activities for girls to do to help build their outdoor skills. Or for a more in depth experience, complete the It’s Your Planet—Love It Journey with your girls. While you complete these activities, you can assess your girls’ readiness to pursue other outdoor opportunities.