For Parents




Thank you for giving your daughters the opportunity to experience Girl Scouting! The quality experience that they receive would not be possible without dedicated volunteers, including your daughter’s troop leaders.
    Recognition is a great way to keep leaders energized throughout the year! Recognition can be formal or informal. Consider the following ways to thank your daughter’s troop leaders: 
  1. Design a special thank you card.
  2. Share a kind word or note at a troop meeting. 
  3. Create a photo collage of the girls in the troop. 
  4. Create a troop memory book with each girl’s picture, favorite Girl Scout activity and autograph.
  5. Present a small token of appreciation.
  6. Submit a story of how the leader(s) have impacted the life of your daughter to your regional Girl Scout Center or local media. 
  7. Share your ideas for celebrating leaders on the Girl Scouts of Western Ohio Facebook page.
  8. Get involved and help a local Girl Scout troop make a difference in your community.