Earned Recognitions

Earned recognitions for adults are similar to the earned recognition designed for girls.   These recognitions are earned by adults due to either the number of  years as a member,  years of  volunteer service or additional learning sought out by the volunteer that benefits their volunteer role.





Membership Year Pin


​ A Membership Year Pin represents the number of years registered as a Girl Scout – include both girl and adult years.  It is worn with the Girl Scout pin.  Each year Girl Scouts of Western Ohio presents year pins in five-year increments (5, 10, 15, 20 etc.) to currently registered volunteers. 

Submit Membership Year Pin form online

Membership Year Pin Form


Volunteer Years of Service Pin 

The Volunteer Years of Service pin represent the number of years of volunteer service.   Each year Girl Scouts of Western Ohio presents Volunteer Years of Service Pins to currently registered volunteers for 20 years of service or more through the service units.   To receive​ this recognition (of 20 years of service or more)  the request form must be completed by the volunteer and submitted to the regional Girl Scout Center by February 1.

These pins come in 5-year increments and can be purchased at the council shop.​

Submit Volunteer Years of Service Pin form online

Volunteer Years of Service Pin Form​