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 Volunteer Services Network

Welcome to the New Volunteer Services Network! (VSN)

We are very excited to be bringing you the new Girl Scouts of Western Ohio Volunteer Services Network.  The Volunteer Services Network (VSN) is an information platform designed especially for YOU:  Girl Scouts of Western Ohio volunteers and adult members.
The Volunteer Services Network (VSN) is designed to provide a platform to easily share information between currently registered (2014) GS Volunteers, Service Team Members, Adult Members, Service Units, Service Unit Circles and Paid Staff.
It allows volunteers to easily share/post information, participate in on-line discussions and access current information posted by other participants.
To Access the VSN if you Have Already Registered
If you have already registered for the VSN but have misplaced the link to the site -- or are having trouble signing in, please use the link: https://vsn.gswo.org/. When you open the link, you will be asked to provide your user name and password. Please remember to format your username to say "GSWO\username" If you still have difficulty opening the VSN, please contact the customer service desk at 1-800-537-6241 or customerservice@gswo,org.
This is YOUR Girl Scout Network! 
 We have started the set-up but we hope that your service unit will make your service unit and service unit circle site much more valuable by posting information and discussions that will support Girl Scouting in your community.   Some examples of information or discussions that you might want to share are:
  • Service unit or service unit circle event flyers or information
  • Invitations from troops to other troops to participate in community service or program activities.
  • Service Unit meeting agendas /minutes
  • Requests for troops or adults to volunteer for service unit activities
  • Cadette/ Senior/Ambassador Service Unit Circle activities
  • Service Unit Circle Trainings / Workshops


To learn more about how to use the network, please reference the information found in the Introduction to the Volunteer Services Network, which provides an overview of what is available and how to use this new tool. 


Volunteer Services Network Guidelines

  1. Users must be currently registered (2014) adult members to access the network.
  2. Volunteer Services Network participants agree:


The volunteer services network and all documents, discussions and links:

  • Are for Girl Scout activities only
  • Support the GS Promise and Law

Users will respect the privacy of all other members on the VSN, by agreeing to:

  • Be thoughtful about contacting service team or other members
  • Use contact information only for Girl Scout activities
  • Never sharing contact information for any purpose other than its intended GS use.


You can set up your Volunteer Services Network account by following these steps:

  1. REMINDER: Only currently registered volunteers are eligible to access the VSN.  If you have not yet re-registered for 2014, please update your membership registration now at eBiz
  2. Go to the VSN registration link at VSN Registration Page.
  3. Complete and submit the VSN registration form at bottom of page.
  4. Create a user name and password
  5. Adult member responds to confirmation email and receives notification of that VSN account user name and password is available.  
  6. Your VSN registration is reviewed by council business staff to verify active volunteer status.
  7. You will receive an e-mail and link with instructions for using VSN within 5-7 business days.

Forget your password?  
You can reset it on the Volunteer Services Network Registration Page.

Volunteer Services Network Resources
The following documents are posted on your service unit’s Volunteer Services Network site:

For access by ALL VOLUNTEERS:

  1. Service Unit Annual Plan – In Microsoft Word, so this can be a working document
  2. Volunteer Status Report  (Read Only) – describes status of all registered adults based on volunteer management guidelines
  3. Troop Finance Report Summary (Read Only) – verifies submission of annual troop finance report, two signers and account balance.


For access by Service Unit Chairs and Data Coordinators ONLY:
Service Unit Membership Master List -- All registered members in Personify;


Please contact your region’s customer service desk, or email customerservice@gswo.org