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 What We Know Is Working

The Girl Scout Movement has been successful for 100 years, thanks to both the work of our volunteers and also due to the success of the program. Throughout our first century, millions of girls’ have had the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and self-confidence, to discover their personal interests and to learn how they can help better the world around them. We know Girl Scouting works thanks to numerous studies conducted by the Girl Scout Research Institute and other organizations that focus on what girls say are the issues facing them today.
As the preeminent organization dedicated solely to girls, our outcomes measurement research  help us determine how the Girl Scout Leadership Experience improves the lives of girls and, in turn, our communities. Below are several examples of recent program effectiveness studies conducted by Girl Scouts of Western Ohio, along with information from the Girl Scout Research Institute and other researchers.


2012 Program & Service Delivery Survey Findings

2012-13 Snapshot