News and Updates

Building More Leadership for More Girls—June 3, 2013 Update
Over the 2013 membership year, we have been learning from you, as well as from parents, girls and community members about how we can do a better job in providing more leadership opportunities for more girls.  We thank everyone for their input throughout this process.
Using the information we gathered, Girl Scouts of Western Ohio has redesigned the way that we provide services, in order to:
  • Improve our customer service.
  • Streamline access to information and resources. 
  • Provide more flexibility and more options for volunteers, parents and girls to get involved in Girl Scouts.
Each regional Girl Scout Center will be hosting meetings in June to thank volunteers for their contributions and to celebrate what we can accomplish in the coming year, including:
  • Providing an overview of the new ways of work and roles—focusing on the staff and service team partnerships.
  • Sharing additional support and options for volunteers and girls.
  • Introducing the new fall membership campaign, including updated volunteer and staff roles.
  • Inviting participants to get involved in the 2013/14 advisory team or pilot project.

All volunteers are invited to attend, and we are especially encouraging all service team members—or potential members, to attend.  Below are the dates and times of these meetings. We hope to see you all there so we can share this exciting news with you!

  • Cincinnati: June 17 at 6:30–8:30 p.m.—Cincinnati Girl Scout Center
  • Dayton: June 18 at 6:30–8:30 p.m.  and June 19 at 10  a.m.–12 p.m.—Dayton Girl Scout Center
  • Lima: June 24 at 6–7:30 p.m.—Woodhaven Program Center
  • Toledo: June 17 at 6:30–8:30 p.m. and June 20 at 10 a.m.–12 p.m.—Toledo Girl Scout Center

Please register through eBiz to verify your attendance.  See you there!

Volunteer Feedback Needed - May 6, 2013
Three teams have developed their volunteer/staff design structures. Each structure was based on a specific theme, and was chosen in an effort to provide Girl Scouts of Western Ohio volunteers and staff with ideas on how we can improve our services to better support and assist our members.

The three design teams presented their structures to staff members in April to collect their feedback. Now, we are looking for volunteer input regarding the structures. Volunteers are vital to the Girl Scout program and your feedback is important to us.

We are asking volunteers to review the three design structures, and complete a survey so that we are able to compile your feedback for further review. Click here to review the three design structures, see highlights of staff comments regarding the models and to take the survey.
Once everyone’s feedback has been complied, the comments will be given to the teams, and will be used to help create the final organizational structure for both volunteers and staff
Designing for Leadership—April, 17 2013 Update
Did you know that the way Girl Scouts deliver services has remained largely the same since the 1950s?  At a time when communication systems, and women and girls’ activities and roles in society have changed drastically, we are still relying on time-intensive, in-person and long-term volunteer (and girl) commitments.  This upcoming fall we are taking steps to create volunteer opportunities that provide a better range of options for volunteers and for girls. For information about recent trends in volunteerism across generations, click here.
There are two things that won’t change:
  1. Our focus on the Girl Scout mission and girl experiences that are girl-led, that take place in small groups, and where girls learn important life skills through the process of planning, doing and reflecting on activities that are important to them.
  2. The leadership of volunteers in the organization—as leaders with girls, in the community and within the governance of the organization.
This past March we heard from volunteers, individually and with feedback they collected from Girl Scout volunteers in their service unit, regarding six main questions that are helping guide our organizational redesign. The six questions examined were:
  1. How could adult volunteers and paid staff be organized to develop, organize, support and deliver short-term opportunities?
  2. What should be the role of the service unit, community and staff to make short-term opportunities successful for girls and volunteers? Click here to see the responses to this question.
  3. How could adult volunteers and paid staff be organized to develop and manage supportive parent relationships? What communication is needed or valuable? Click here to see the responses to this question. 
  4. If the service unit is no longer the main way troop leaders receive information, what services should the service unit still provide? Click here to see the responses to this question. 
  5. How could adult volunteers and paid staff be organized to deliver those services and provide a support system that efficiently uses volunteer time?  When or why would there be meetings? Click here to see the responses to this question. 
  6. When or why should there be meetings? Does your service unit do something uniquely well that could be shared as a "best practice" to be used by other service units? Click here to see the responses to this question.


We used this information along with ideas about service team roles that came directly from service team members to develop three models for how we can better involve and support volunteers to provide “more leadership for more girls” in Girl Scouts.  Staff members and service unit managers will be presented with these models in April.  In addition, in the last week of April the three models will be posted on the website, with a link and survey inviting volunteer feedback, to help create the final design.  The new design will be rolled out with volunteers through posting on the council website and meetings in every region, in early to mid-June.


We thank all of our volunteers for their feedback and understanding as we work together to create a stronger organization to deliver the mission of Girl Scouts. If you have any questions about this redesign process, please contact Susan Osborn at