As a volunteer, this is your opportunity to speak up and share your insight. We need your feedback in order to help create a better system and structure, one that ensures effective and proactive interaction between council staff, the service units and troops, and girl and adult Girl Scouts.
Staff teams were asked to develop a potential volunteer / staff structure based on a specific theme (customer, product or geographic focus) to generate discussion and ideas about how we can best organize our services and volunteer and paid staff, to provide more leadership opportunities to more girls!  The staff has given some feedback(click here to for a summary of this feedback), now we want to hear from you!  We want to know:
  • Which parts of these designs are valuable in engaging girls, volunteers and parents, and should be a part of the final design?
  • What (if anything) is missing –  or concerns you? 


Please review the models and complete the survey to provide your feedback or if preferred, send your comments to   We welcome all of your feedback and ideas about how we can provide more leadership opportunities for more girls.


The three design structures were chosen by the teams were:

  • The Geography Model—this structure is organized by physical locations and focuses on the unique culture, language or community factors that influence the products produced. Click here to view this model.
  • The Customer Model—this design is a combination of two model structures in order to meet the needs of both staff and volunteers. For the volunteer structure, a customer model was used, which is organized around a group of customers who share similar ideas and characteristics. The design is customer focused and enables the development of programs tailored to a population’s needs and ability to get results. For the staff structure, a front-back hybrid model was used, which is organized to allow for product excellence at the back end, while increasing customer satisfaction at the front end.  Click here to view this model.
  • The Product Model—this design is organized around product creation and/or product division. Each division has its own functional structure to support the products produced. Click here to view the volunteer model, here to view the staff model.


The three teams presented their structure to Girl Scout of Western Ohio staff in April. During these meetings, each team asked for feedback regarding their structure on what staff liked about their model and were concerned about, and what other questions they had. 

These comments were compiled and given to the teams for further review. Here are highlights from the staff comments regarding the models.

Volunteers can react to three models by  clicking  here and giving your reaction to each model. You will need to repeat access to this link  for EACH model you evaluate.

If you need assistance in accessing the survey please email for assistance.