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Invite A Friend



As a Girl Scout volunteer, you introduce girls to new and fun experiences every day. You’re a cheerleader, guide, and mentor, showing girls that they’re capable of more than they ever imagined. 
Why not invite your friends to volunteers as well?
This November, invite a friend to start a new Girl Scout Daisy, Brownie, or Junior troop!  Not only will they get to enjoy new experiences with their troop, but you can get some goodies as well!
What Will I Receive?
$50 for you to spend at the GSUSA Online Store and a New Volunteer Resource Pack for each new volunteer who starts a troop.  This can be a traditional troop or a short-term series.  Double your friends?  Double your prize.  You can receive up to $100 to spend at the GSUSA online store.
Once your friend joins as a Girl Scout troop leader, completes the volunteer application, and starts a new Girl Scout troop, you will receive an email to claim your prize!

Already recruited your volunteer?

  1. Confirm your recruited volunteer has completed their volunteer application, background and membership
  2. Confirm your recruited volunteer is going to start a new group/troop
  3. Already recruited your volunteer?  Claim your prize here


Volunteer Invite a Friend Q&A

Who is eligible to recruit new volunteers through the Volunteer Invite-A-Friend Promotion?  All currently registered adult volunteers, including troop leaders, assistant troop leaders, service team members, and adult learning facilitators are eligible to recruit new volunteers. 

How many leaders can I recruit?
As many as you’d like!  But, we will only provide an incentive for up to two leaders recruited (maximum $100 to spend in the online store)

How will I get my $50 promotional code?
Your $50 code will be emailed to you once we confirm that the recruited volunteer has completed their membership registration and application.
What’s in the New Volunteer Resource Pack?
The  Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting, Adult Insignia Tab, Official Girl Scout Membership Pin, WAGGGS Official Pin and new Official Volunteer Pin. 
How will the new volunteer receive their New Volunteer Resource Pack?
The new volunteer will be emailed a coupon code to be redeemed for the New Volunteer Resource Pack at the GSUSA Online Store.
When will this offer end?
This offer will run through December 1, 2014.