Girl Scouts Prepares Girls for Today and Tomorrow
Times have changed since 1912, however the foundational pieces of the Girl Scout program, have not.  Girl Scouts prepare girls for today and tomorrow by providing the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, preparing for today and the future. Educators, government and private industry describe the most important skills, knowledge, and behaviors “students” will need to be successful in the work environment and life.
            Good communication skills                            Thinking critically
            Teamwork                                                                  Problem-solving skills
            Building relationships                                          Strong ethics
            Thinking creatively                                                Application of knowledge 
            Ability to innovate                                                 Positive Attitude

Girl Scouts give girls life skills, primarily by engaging girls and teaching them to apply a learning and decision-making process, rather than by directing them to participate in any specified type of activity.  All Girl Scout activities are designed so that girls will: 
  • Decide what activities they want to learn or do (girl-led).
  • Work in small groups and teams to discuss, debate, discover, practice and teach (cooperative learning).
  • Reflect on their activities and use experience to guide further plans and actions (experiential learning).