Troop Adventure Camp

Do you love camping with your troop? If so, Troop Adventure Camp (TAC) is perfect for you! Your troop along with your troop leader will plan your own camp experience and activities, so the challenge and adventure is just right for you. Led by camp staff and Junior Instructors or Counselors-in-Training (CITs), the activities are always fun and exciting. There’s never a dull moment at TAC!
Troop Adventure Camp is available this summer at:
Camp Stonybrook - June 15-July 12
 Camp Libbey  - July 14-19
Planning your Adventure
TAC gives girls the opportunity to plan their camp adventure with the help of their leaders. It is important that the girls and adults work together during the planning process.


Accommodations and Meals
There are two types of sleeping accommodations available:

Lodges: Sleep in a dormitory style building, which includes a common living area, kitchen, fire ring and bathroom. Leaders stay in the lodge, but are not permitted to sleep in the same room as the girls. Girl Scout Brownies have priority for lodge space, but are placed in tents once lodges are filled. Older girl troops may be placed in lodges only after all Girl Scout Brownie troops are placed.

Platform Tent Units: Sleep in a unit of large canvas tents on wooden platforms. Each tent includes four cots and mattresses within easy access to the kitchen shelter and fire ring. Leaders stay in the unit, but in their own tent separate from the girls.


Meals are served family style in the dining hall.  Troops have the option to request cooking out over the fire.


Health History
All TAC participants (both girls and adults) must provide a current health history (within six months of dates of attendance). A physical exam is not required to be completed by a doctor.


Troop Leader Orientation
Leaders are not required to be Basic Camp Certified, but at least one adult from each troop that has never attended TAC should attend TAC Leader Orientation, which is on Saturday, May 3, 2014, at Camp Stonybrook, and May 10, 2014, at Camp Libbey.


Troop Leader Supervision
Troop leaders accompanying the troop are responsible for maintaining Safety Activity Checkpoint ratios and adequately supervising the girls. The camp staff provides camp expertise and leadership for the program activities while Junior Instructors/CITs are on hand to assist the staff and troop leaders with activities.  Troop leaders must provide supervision of girls in the below ratios.

Two adults for every:    
 12 girls enteringsecond and third grade
 16 girls entering fourth and fifth grade
 20 girls entering sixth grade and above


There must be a minimum of two adults at least 19 years in age or older in attendance with every troop at TAC at all times. These required adults attend camp without paying a fee. Any adult attending who is not required to fulfill Safety Activity Checkpoint ratios must pay the full cost. The priority is to accommodate as many girls as possible. Please limit adults to the required ratios. Arrangements can be made for girls with special needs. Adults may not bring “tag-a-longs” (adults and leader’s younger children). Attendees must be registered Girl Scouts attending camp with their troop or group.