General Information

Sending your child to camp
Camp has something for everyone! Girl Scouts of Western Ohio’s camps offer a wide variety of opportunities so you and your child can find the perfect camp experience! While your child is at camp she will make new friends, try new things, learn independence, and so much more with the guidance and supervision of a caring staff. Summer camp is a place where great memories are made and kept. We pride ourselves on giving your child a unique experience for her to live and grow. While girls are having fun at camp we are sure to keep the Girl Scout mission, Promise, Law and goals in mind at all times.
Girl Scout Goals
Through Girl Scout summer camp girls will participate in activities that help them achieve the Council Goals for girls which are:
  • Girls will understand themselves and their values.
  • Girls will use their knowledge and skills to explore the world.
  • Girls will care about, inspire, and team with others locally and globally.
  • Girls will act to make the world a better place.
Equal Access
No one shall be denied admission to our camp(s) or to the benefit of our U.S. Department of Agriculture Child Nutrition program(s) because of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, handicap or age, providing specific program requirements are met.

Girls with Special Needs
Girl Scouts of Western Ohio seeks to provide an inclusive environment. Campers requiring special accommodations, meals, equipment or staffing must notify the regional Girl Scout Center in writing and send complete information with her registration(s). All information will be kept confidential and shared only with the camp director and the appropriate staff. Campers should be self-sufficient and able to dress, eat and shower on their own.
If your camper has a special buddy who is in the same grade level with whom she wants to share her camp experience, please follow these guidelines to assure placement of your camper and her buddy together:
  • Buddy pairs are placed when two girls request each other on the registration form.
  • One buddy request only.
  • Buddies must sign up for the same camp program.
Remember that buddies are not a requirement. Many campers come to camp without a buddy and make new friends quickly.
Parents are responsible for transporting their children to and from all camps except when busing is available. Carpooling is encouraged. A photo ID is required to pick up a child from camp.
For out-of-camp trips requiring transportation, campers are driven in council-owned or leased vehicles by staff members who are at least 21 years old and who have completed special transportation training and motor vehicle background checks.  Seat belts are worn at all times.
Health Care
In a conscious effort to provide a safe and healthy environment for all campers, Girl Scouts of Western Ohio requires campers to provide the following:
  • Resident Camp - A physical exam that has been taken within 12 months of the camper’s stay at camp is necessary for campers, including adult volunteers, who attend resident camp. Health exam forms must be signed by a licensed physician. If a girl arrives at camp without a signed health examination form she will be sent home.
  • One Day and Overnight Events, Troop Adventure Camp and Day Camp - A health history must be provided that is current within six months, unless otherwise specified.
The Privacy Act of 2001 protects all personal and medical information. The disclosure of confidential information is only available to health personnel. It is the camper’s responsibility to provide this information for each session they attend. Forms will not be transferred to another camping session. Forms are not available from the previous year. All camps have staff members who are First Aid and CPR certified.
Camp Kapers
Kapers are chores girls share while attending camp. Each staff member will model and teach campers proper ways to care for the environment and their camp surroundings. Each unit is responsible for the upkeep and cleaning of their area, and for additional daily camp responsibilities. This may include cleaning the dining hall, latrines, bathhouse, the grounds and other areas. Girls are closely monitored to make sure that established health and safety procedures are used in completing cleaning tasks.
ACA Accreditation
The American Camp Association (ACA) is an independent national agency which imposes the highest standards of health, safety, program, and staffing for camps across the country. Camps are periodically visited and must maintain high marks to display the ACA logo. We are proud that all council-owned properties providing summer opportunities by paid staff are accredited and meet or exceed ACA standards.
In our commitment to ensure the safety of all campers, we strive to meet or exceed all established safety standards for staffing. We maintain a staff to camper ratio of two adults to every:  
  • 10 girls entering 1st grade
  • 12 girls entering 2nd through 3rd grade
  • 16 girls entering 4th through 5th grade
  • 20 girls entering 6th grade and above
All staff members are carefully screened to find the best and most qualified candidates to promote a safe, positive, nurturing camp environment. Each candidate submits an application and three references, and goes through an interview and a state and/or national criminal background check according to the National Child Protection Act of 1993. Minimum requirements of staff positions include:
  • Supervisory staff – 21 years old or older with supervisory experience
  • Camp counselors and specialty staff – 18 years old or older
  • Volunteer staff – 18 years old or older
International Staff
Some campers’ experiences are enhanced through interaction with the talented and experienced staff that will be joining us from other countries. International staff are selected from applications provided by an international staffing agency and go through a screening process including background certification checks that are similar to the process used for U.S. staff.
Male Staff
Male staff members (paid and volunteer) are a valued part of all aspects of Girl Scouting, including Girl Scout camping. Additional guidelines are followed when men are present in order to ensure the privacy of the girls, as well as the male staff members. In all situations, safety standards for involving men in Girl Scout activities are followed.
All staff participates in an intensive, mandatory training designed to prepare the staff to create a positive, harmonious and supportive camp environment based on information by the camping industry’s leading experts. During this period, staff learn about child development, the Girl Scout program, camp skills, group dynamics, safety procedures and regulations. Supervisory staff participates in additional training.