Camp Woodhaven

Deep in the heart of Lima, Ohio, is the perfect woodsy location for Woodhaven Day Camp. Girls will experience a diverse array of programming from nature to adventure and sports, to arts and crafts plus outdoor skills and cooking over a fire. The camp includes a pond for fishing, archery, a low and high challenge course, plenty of hiking trails and much more. Girls are invited to stay overnight Thursday to experience fun evening activities and a special campfire.
Registration Opens January 29, 2014



WoodhavenDay Camp

Woodhaven Day Camp
Grade 1
Fairies and Forest Friends
Through Girl Scout Journey activities, use your resources wisely as you create awesome art during this week packed full of creativity and make believe. Make fairy wings to wear around camp plus build fairy houses in secret wooded locations. Use nature to make all sorts of crafts, dance, sing and make new forest friends. Max: 10
Date: July 14-18
Time: 9 a.m.-4 p.m. daily         Cost: $80
Grades 2-3
Messy Munchkins
Work towards your Home Scientist badge by making homemade ice cream on a hot day at camp. Do experiments that bend water with static electricity and create dancing raisins. Figure out the ratio of ingredients to make film canister rockets, giant bubbles and even dinosaur snot. When you’re not exploring the world of messy science, enjoy classic camp activities like hiking, playing games and enjoying a messy treat. On the last day of camp, show off all your newly acquired skills at a special all camp activity.  Max: 24
Date: July 14-18
Time: 9 a.m.- 4 p.m. daily         Cost: $80
Grades 4-5
Junior Naturalist
Learn about the plants and animals at camp by spending time with a naturalist. Explore camp and go on a bug hunt to learn about the important role bugs play in the ecosystem. Learn how to identify trees by their leaves and bark, and do a science experiment to see how they get water. Take time to smell the flowers and then dissect some to learn about flower parts. Spend some time learning about basic first aid for outdoor activities. End the week by planting a butterfly garden for camp!  Max: 32
Date: July 14-18
Time: 9 a.m.-4 p.m. daily         Cost: $80
Day Camp Optional Overnight
If you want to continue having fun with your counselors and friends by staying over Thursday night at camp, sign up for this optional Thursday overnight at Camp Butterworth and Woodhaven. Girls will cook out supper, plan some special evening activities and end  with a traditional campfire. When bedtime finally hits, younger girls will stay overnight in a building and older girls will stay overnight outdoors in a tent.  Breakfast is provided in the morning. This opportunity helps prepare girls for resident or Troop Adventure Camp!  Max: 50
Cost: $20
Grades 7-12
Woodhaven Day Camp Program Aide (PA)
If you have completed Program Aide training and would like to spend the week at day camp working with girls, developing leadership, teambuilding and programming skills, then this is a great opportunity for you. Work with camp staff to implement program activities such as badge work, crafts, nature hikes, singing and more. PA’s need to be dropped off and picked up each day. Max: 5
Dates: July 14-18
Time: 9 a.m.-4 p.m. daily           Cost: $20
Program Aide Optional Overnight
Program Aides get to take a break from their dailyleadership duties, to have a night of their own at camp. Girls will plan their own cookout and fun evening activities for Thursday night.  Whether sleeping in a tent or under the stars, this will be the perfect evening to kick back and enjoy whatever comes their way. Breakfast is provided in the morning.
Cost:  $20