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It's Your Planet - Love It!

It's Your Planet - Love It!

This journey series invites girls to make sense of the wealth of environmental information available so they can act for the betterment of Earth and its inhabitants. In this series, girls tackle issues like conservation, pollution and renewable and reusable resources—all while focusing on leadership development. Click the titles below to view the grade level journeys in this series.​

Between Earth and Sky (For Girl Scout Daisies)
On this journey, Girl Scout Daisies join the Flower Friends for a cross-country trip in their special flower-powered car. As the Flower Friends travel the country living the values of the Girl Scout Law, Daisies join them in exploring the natural world, learning what’s local and why that’s important. Along the way, Girl Scout Daisies get to explore shapes in nature, learn the wisdom of women working to protect the planet and gain an understanding of what it takes to protect the environment.
WOW! Wonders of Water (For Girl Scout Brownies)
Girl Scout Brownies join the Brownie friends and Brownie Elf as they enjoy some wonder-filled adventures. As they dive in, the Brownies try out new ways of working as a team, learn about the water cycle, and enjoy making their own rainbows. As Girl Scout Brownies learn how precious water is, they can pledge to protect it and team up to advocate for water conservation. 

​GET MOVING! (For Girl Scout Juniors)
This journey invites Girl Scouts Juniors to engage their minds and hearts as they explore the many forms, uses and misuses of energy. From paper making experiments to making beads from newspapers and magazines to forming a "perpetual human motion machine," Juniors will find that GET MOVING! is crammed full of energizing stuff to make and do! GET MOVING! challenges girls to safeguard Earth’s precious energy resources by using their leadership skills—their ability to energize themselves and others and their ability to investigate and innovate. 

BREATHE (For Girl Scout Cadettes)
Air is everywhere in BREATHE. And as Girl Scout Cadettes explore the air they’ll learn to assess air quality inside and out as they gain an aerial view of everything from cigarette smoking to noise to deforestation. Along the way, they’ll try some scientific experiments and meet scientists, engineers, writers and artists—all of them working for Earth’s air. Above all, BREATHE inspires Girl Scout Cadettes to create “breathing room” to be leaders who use their flair to make a difference in the world.
SOW WHAT? (For Girl Scout Seniors)
In Sow What?, Girl Scout Seniors get the opportunity to ponder land use around the world (corn’s a big issue!) and get down to the science and roots of complex and global food issues. Girls plan and conduct a local "food forage" to scope out their "food print" choices, and talk to scientists, local growers and business owners—and even global hunger experts. Using what they learn, girls consider their "leader prints" as they decide who and what they can cultivate on Girl Scout Seniors take time to enjoy a "truly happy meal" together, experiment with new recipes and try out being "locavores" who know how to savor local bounty. 

JUSTICE (For Girl Scout Ambassadors)
Justice—for Earth and all its inhabitants—we all know what it is. Why is it so hard to achieve? Girl Scout Ambassadors realize that maybe justice needs a brand-new equation—their equation. By "doing the math" with even the simplest of acts, deciphering how decisions get made, and exploring how to use scientific evidence, Ambassadors create and then present their own unique equation for what justice asks of us. Along the way, Ambassadors find they are also networking and gathering ideas for college and careers. When they conclude this journey, Ambassadors may recognize themselves as the wise and healing leaders Earth yearns for!