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 Free Being Me

Images of girls and women in the media are of great interest to girls today. Girl Scouts of Western Ohio and nine other Girl Scout councils are proud to be partnering with Dove and Girl Scouts of the USA to launch Free Being Me, a leadership initiative focused on helping girls better understand global definitions of beauty, define beauty for themselves and boost their self-confidence in the process.
Free Being Me will help girls understand from a global perspective that a greater diversity of beauty exists and give them opportunity to take action to promote this diversity to girls locally and globally. Importantly, Free Being Me can be used to introduce or enhance girls’ experiences along the It’s Your Story—Tell It! leadership Journey series.
 Try a Free Being Being Me Activity with you troop!
Troop Leaders, are you looking for a fun, interesting, low cost activity to start off your troop year?  Plan to do the Free being Me activities for troops at your next meeting!  Use the one page activity descriptions below – and if your girls want more, they can complete the whole patch program using the resource packets listed under “Let’s Get Started. All girls who complete at least one hour of activities are eligible for a FREE PATCH available at the council store. 
Free Being Me Program Resource Packs Information
Free Being Me has been co-created by GSUSA and the Dove Self Esteem Project for Girl Scouts and is designed to improve girls’ body confidence in a fun and interactive way. The activities have been informed by world-leading research in body confidence and are a direct extension of the It’s Your Story-Tell It! Journey. Troops can choose to participate in Free Being Me activities on their own or as a part of completing the Journey.  All girls who participate can receive the Free Being Me patch – at no cost, just by completing the online program evaluation and turning in the troop participation form.

Let’s Get Started:
  1. Review overview of Free Being Me. Click here for the Free Being Me Leader letter to leaders (overview). 
  2. Download the curriculum for your troop’s grade level.
    Brownie Free Being Me Curriculum
    Junior Free Being Me Curriculum
    Cadette Free Being Me Curriculum
    Free Being Me Leaders’ Guide
  3. Complete the activities (minimum one hour of activities required to receive patch)
  4. Complete online evaluation (Paper copy also available at council front desk.)
    Brownie Free Being Me Online Evaluation
    Junior Free Being Me Online Evaluation
    Cadette Free Being Me Online Evaluation
  5. Print out and turn in the participation report to your regional Girl Scout Center front desk for free patches.
  6. Troops are encouraged to create and submit a public service announcement that will help other girls to develop body confidence!  You can send your video to customerservice@girlscoutsofwesternohio.org with Free Being Me PSA in the subject line.  There is a great video on how to make a PSA (by GSUSA) that can be found in the Girl Scouts of Western Ohio Blog.  It’s short, fun, and to the point.  Videos will be submitted to Dove and may be used in future campaigns.