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Financial Procedures

Deposit Tickets
Deposit tickets have been specially prepared for each troop. You will receive these at your fall product delivery or your service unit fall product consultant will distribute them.

Do not use another troop’s deposit ticket or one from the counter at the bank. You must use the special deposit ticket prepared for your troop. If you require additional deposit tickets, please contact your regional product sales manager at least four days before the money is due.
Making your deposit(s)
For your troop’s safety, all checks should be deposited into the Girl Scouts of Western Ohio bank account. All checks should be made payable to Girl Scouts of Western Ohio.
  • Count all money turned in. Give a signed receipt every time money is turned in.
  • Remove your troop proceeds and deposit into your troop account.
  • Fill out your deposit ticket. Double check for accuracy. Take your deposit to the bank listed below for your region.
Lima Region – Fifth Third Bank
Toledo Region – PNC Bank
Dayton Region – PNC Bank
Cincinnati Region – PNC Bank  
  • ​Only deposit the amount your troop owes into the council’s bank account. You should deposit all personal checks received into the council account. This relieves the troop from the risk of a bad check.  (Note:  If you overpay the council, refund checks may take up to 10 weeks to receive and will not be issued if the troop’s final report envelope was not completed and turned in on time).
  • After making your deposit, ask for two (2) copies of the receipt. Keep one for your troop records and place one in your troop’s final report envelope. This is the only way to prove that your troop has paid for the product.