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Cookie Club

As soon as the clock changes to 1/10/14 the "Ask Family and Friends" tab will be available on Cookie Club with the ability for girls to send eCards!
Cookie Club is an exciting, password-protected private website only for Girl Scouts, parents, volunteers and Girl Scout staff.  Girls today are tech savvy and they will love this fun tool that allows them to ask customers online for their cookie promise.  This is not to be confused with “selling cookies online.”  An actual sales transaction will not take place via the Internet.  Girls will receive cookie order promises from customers, receive those cookies along with their traditional order, deliver the cookies and collect the money from their customers. 

To help ensure safety and parental supervision, access to the Cookie Club will be granted after you have signed the Permission and Responsibility Form and turned it into your troop cookie manager.  At this point the troop cookie manager will give you a login name and password for the Cookie Club site.

Cookie Club is a fun, interactive learning experience where girls can learn firsthand about the power of goal setting. At any time, girls can adjust their goals or explore the site and learn more about goal setting.  Girls can even discover some cookie-selling tips from other successful Girl Scouts.  Cookie Club lets girls jump in the exciting world of today’s social media while protecting them from unwanted communications.  FACT: The average Cookie Club order promise is six packages while the average in person order is three packages.

Cookies Club “order promises” are recorded automatically in the girl’s Cookie Club account.  No personal information is ever revealed. 
Here is how to get started:
  1. Parent/Guardian returns the signed Permission and Responsibility Form to the troop cookie manager to receive a login ID and password.
  2. Go online to https://cookieclub.littlebrownie.com/ to become safety certified and join the Cookie Club.  A Girl Scout is always encouraged to go online with adult supervision.  Once certified, your girl can learn about goals and use other online tools.
  3. Keep the Cookie Club fun by reminding your Girl Scout to enter her sales and watch her goal-tracker rise!

Girl Scouts who sign up for Cookie Club and send 30 emails or more by February 5, 2014, will earn this exclusive Cookie Star Patch pin. The patch pin will be ordered by product sales managers.  Girls will receive them with final rewards at the end of the sale. 
Troop Cookie Managers
Once your service unit cookie coordinator has granted you access to eBudde:
  1. Log into eBudde using the temporary password on the front of your troop cookie manager handbook.
  2. Update your contact information and answer the four security questions. After you verify your troop roster in eBudde you will log into Cookie Club to set up your troop. 
    Cookie Club will be available December 16, 2013 for troop cookie managers to log in and set up their troop. 
  3. Go to: https://cookieclub.littlebrownie.com/ and log in using your login and password from eBudde. 
  4. Click on the Troop Set Up Tab. 
  5. Select your troop number, enter your troop goal, and the packages needed to get to your troop goal. If you are doing this prior to having your parent meeting you can come back to edit this information. 
  6. Enter the girls names in your troop and create a password for each girl – this can be the same password for the entire troop. 
  7. Click the submit button next to Enter/Edit Girl Information header. 
  8. Cookie Club will automatically generate a username for each girl. 
  9. You can write this username and password on the Cookie Club page of the 2014 Family Cookie Guide or you can go to the Reports tab and print a report and cut that into strips and provide to each parent.

Please note: The girls cannot begin to send emails until January 10, 2014, but they can login and set up their goals and update their contact lists. Contacts can be imported as well.